शामिल होने कीतारीख: 24 जून 2018

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Gail Conley grew up in the northern suburbs of Melbourne in Glenroy.

Her purpose has always been to help people find their way, and she is grateful to those who have helped her find hers.

She lives with her husband on their 114-acre farm on the beautiful Lake Victoria in Gippsland. She now lives a new life and a sea change in the country. There they are farming sheep and cattle and Gail is running her business Chakra Angel Oracle from her new home, which she describes as ‘Paradise’. It is a sanctuary for creatures great and small, a place of love, peace and harmony for all. She thanks the universe for providing her with this vision and delivering this wonderful place.

She was working in the Community Health sector as a Senior Administration/Payroll Officer for 29 years until end February 2015. It was then that she answered the call that she had been manifesting for many years, and realising her dream, she began Chakra Angel Oracle.

Her spiritually based business provides a place where her clients can request an authentic and true reading or healing. She uses creativity to bring her focus and balance and loves to create and sell handcrafted and personally sourced spiritual products.